Black Headed Gonolek

Black Headed Gonolek

This colorful bird that can be found in all five countries of East Africa is not rare, but is not often seen. Even though the red throat, breast, and belly are dead give-aways, this bush-shrike prefers only to be heard. The males and females are indistinguishable but the juveniles have barred underpants than slowly transition to the bright red. They are often encountered near water but this does not restrict them from semi-arid regions…so long as a perennial river is nearby to provide lush vegetation. The good news is that they almost always occur in pairs which means that if you hear one, there is probably another nearby. With two, you’ve got a decent shot to see one.

The family of bush-shrikes is often a colorful group that includes the papyrus gonolek, the four-colored, many colored, Doherty’s, sulpher breasted, and fiery-breasted varieties. You’re sure to have one skulking nearby wherever you are in the region. Patience and the right callback make all the difference in trying to entice one of these beauties into the light.

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Black Headed Gonolek Distribution

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