Blacksmith Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing

Blacksmith Lapwing

This sleek and rather chic member of the lapwing/plover family is a personal favorite of mine. You’d think it’s wearing a pair of wingtips to match it’s expensive appearing plumage. Normally black, white, and grey birds don’t really do it for me. However, in this case I’ll make an exception…a big one. This small bird exudes the look of confidence in its styling. I simply love it. Their name comes from the sound of it’s call: a rather metallic series of clinks…rather like the sound of a blacksmith’s hammer striking metal.

In East Africa it’s limited to Tanzania and a swatch of central Kenya. Otherwise, it’s known as a Southern Africa species. It can most often be encountered around higher elevation rivers and lakes where they associate in small groups  and sometimes even flocks. In general, the plover and lapwing species are a highly sought after family for their unique diversity within each species and their generally fearless disposition toward people.

Download the call

Blacksmith Lapwing Distribution

 *Call and map from

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