I’m not a true birder in the sense that there are many birds that I honestly and truthfully, don’t having a burning passion to see and document. I know, I know. This is sacrilege. But many of the little brown things, little brown jobbies, or small brown birds just don’t capture my attention (right now). There are about 10,000 bird species in the world. Many people count up their numbers hoping to see all of them in their lifetime. I don’t think this will be me. But it might be some day! In the meantime, here are my chronicles of viewing some really cool birds. Ones that in my opinion are beautiful, bizarre, and fascinating. Maybe as time goes on I’ll begin to appreciate the intricate subtleties of the more mundane species. But for now this activity replaces my true love: native trout fly-fishing in North America.

About Me

I’ll be sharing sightings, excursions, trips, and safaris in which I encounter avian specialties. Some of these experiences will be for the purpose of birding. Others will occur as I carry out my “daily life” while working on a social enterprise startup in Western Kenya. I’ll also post past events as well for the sake of documentation and reader enjoyment. These trips will lack some of the details of future posts but with enough specifics and photos I hope they will be satisfying.

My personal favorite species are the bee-eaters with my most sought after being (in no particular order):

Somali Bee-Eater
Black Bee-Eater
Swallow Tailed Bee-Eater
Bohn’s Bee-Eater
Red Throated Bee-Eater

Why the bee-eaters? Their habits of retuning to the same perch after hunting for an insect make for wonderful viewing. I’ve spent hours in the Kakamega Rainforest observing Blue Headed Bee-Eaters feeding on insect hatches while teaching their young to hunt.

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