A Day at the Office

I was “on the job” today at our commercial farm and encountered quite a number of species. The highlight was my first European Bee-Eaters of the season. They were flying overhead in a small flock and gorged themselves on a termite emergence from an onset of afternoon showers.

Blue Headed Heron(a)

Blue Headed Heron

European Bee-Eater
African Blue Flycatcher
African Paradise Flycatcher (orange)
Augur Buzzard
Grey Crowned Crane
Double Toothed Barbet
Yellow Bishop (breeding)
Glossy Blue Starling
Red Winged Starlings
Northern Double Collared Sunbird
Blue Headed Heron
Cinnamon Chester Bee-Eater
Meyers Parrot
Common Bulbul
Tropical Boubou
Brown Babbler
Various Weaver Birds
Various Swallows (mosque and barn with a few others)

I’m sure there were more but that’s all I can recall after a long day at the office examining tilapia, bulls, sheep, bananas, vegetables, eucalyptus groves, and irrigation systems.

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